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Attempting to cash in on the popular dating simulation genre, Sogna quickly developed VIPER-GT1, subtitled Be With Akira, during the summer of 2000. Taking place a few months after the story presented in VIPER-GTB's Rise After, the player fills the role of a new Anne Mitter's employee who attempts to woo the three current waitresses: Akira, Karin, and newcomer Makoto. Many other VIPER characters, both within the Rise series and otherwise, make cameo appearances.

Available in CD format only. The same game disc is playable in either PCs running Windows or Macintosh computers.

In addition to the sixteen page manual, the game package includes a registration card, teleca advertisement, Raika PVC figurine advertisement, and redemption form for the VIPER-GT1 Album Disk. Also included was an advertisement for the upcoming VIPER-GTB Novel Edition, which never actually went to print. Why this novel was never published is anyone's guess but it's likely that author P-Warrior was redirected to finish writing VIPER-RSR and VIPER-M3 3.2, both of which were long overdue at this point and would take yet another two to three years to complete.

Although the title suggests it, this game is not considered part of "T" series because its gameplay and format are different from the other games in the "T" series.


Platform: Windows / Macintosh
Release Date: August 31, 2000
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213342
Original Price: 7800円
  VIPER-GT1 : Package art

Package art


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