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Gokuraku VIPER Paradice

Expanding the range of their games beyond animated text adventures and simple mini-games of the Island series, Sogna introduced the Paradice computerized board games. Up to four players, real or computer, choose one of five characters from earlier VIPER games - Akira, Asuka, Carrera, Mika, or Raika - and a large board to play across. Dice are used to move a player's character token across the board, landing on spaces with numerous effects such as item discovery, mini-games, or shops where points earned thus far can be spent. One of three goals can be chosen for the game: a complete a circuit of the map, acquisition of specific items, or completion of a puzzle.

One of the more well-known items that can be purchased in shops are short movie clips, most of which are the same animations from the earlier VIPER series games. Four movies are new, original works: one each featuring Akira, Carrera and Mika, and a fourth featuring both Asuka and Miki.

The popularity of this game spawned three spin-offs, known in short as the Lanjerie series: Red, Black, and Violet.


Platform: Windows
Release Date: April 28, 2000
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213311
Original Price: 7800円
  Gokuraku VIPER Paradice : Package art

Package art



Other Versions / Repackaged Products

Gokuraku VIPER Paradice (International Version)

Repackaged version for international markets, with language choices for English, Italian, German, French, and the original Japanese.

Publisher: Hobibox
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 2002
Media: CD-ROM
Original Price: (Help Fill in Missing Information)
  Gokuraku VIPER Paradice (International Version)
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