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Japanese mythology tells of youkai, supernatural forces of good or evil that inhabit human beings. Those that can tap this power can cause great changes in the world around them, whether through the good deeds they perform or the bad. Tsubasa, visiting his cousin and fellow youkai, Saori, discovers a plot at her school where the teachers are influenced by evil spirits who plan to demonize the entire student body. With the help of other good youkai, Tsubasa and Saori plan to defeat the teachers and restore peaceful order to the town.






TsubasaTsubasa   SaoriSaori   MienaMiena   MayuMayu   MegMeg
KuroKuro   ShiroShiro            


KazuhikoKazuhiko   Dorm OwnerDorm Owner   Resident AResident A   Resident BResident B   Resident CResident C


RokurouRokurou   Delinquent ADelinquent A   Delinquent BDelinquent B   Delinquent CDelinquent C    


RyoukoRyouko   KurodaKuroda   Vice PrincipalVice Principal   English TeacherEnglish Teacher   Other TeacherOther Teacher


Classmate AClassmate A   Classmate BClassmate B   Classmate CClassmate C   Classmate DClassmate D   Classmate EClassmate E


BeholderBeholder   DoppelgangerDoppelganger   Turtle MonsterTurtle Monster   Pelican MonsterPelican Monster   Beholder MonsterBeholder Monster
Sword-wrist GirlSword-wrist Girl   GremlinGremlin   Cyclops ACyclops A   Cyclops BCyclops B   Cyclops CCyclops C
Cyclops DCyclops D   Cyclops ECyclops E   ArchangelArchangel        


Tsubasa's GrandmotherTsubasa's Grandmother   MailmanMailman   Rapist ARapist A   Rapist BRapist B   Rapist CRapist C
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