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Reiko Hagawa
Reiko Hagawa
葉川 レイコ

PRONUNCIATION:hah-gah-wah ray-ko


OCCUPATION:Health Center Manager

WORD ASSOCIATION:Drunkard, Careless, Childish

Ratted out by Sayuri, the party goes to the Health Center - an after-school club featuring table-tennis and other light workout activities - to locate the new mahjong club's operator. Because school has not been out long, no students are there yet, but one lady in a kimono is sitting at a table, drinking her life away. Reiko initially suggests that the leaflet was given out in the subway station several days ago, but then realizes the colors in the leaflet the party has are wrong - the first print job, form which their flyer is, was flawed and had to be redone. She had been told that the improperly printed flyers were to be destroyed and concludes that the friend she got them from must have given some of the flyers to someone else. She refuses to divulge the name of her friend unless one of the party can beat her in a game of strip mahjong.

Reiko is 26 years old and her three sizes are 88-60-89 (35-24-35 in inches).

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