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Natsuki Okada
Natsuki Okada
岡田 ナツキ

PRONUNCIATION:oh-kah-dah nat-soo-key



WORD ASSOCIATION:Flashy, Seductive

Kirara's clue leads the party to a disco dancing hall in search of Natsuki Okada, a dancer with dyed highlights in her hair. Although it is very crowed in the dance hall, Yumika sees a woman matching Natsuki's description dancing up on the stage. The protagonist gets her attention but can't make out what she's saying over the loud music. Realizing this, she leads the protagonist back to the VIP room where she confirms that she is in fact the Natsuki he seeks. She forces the protagonist into a strip mahjong match, but once beaten she reveals more details about the misprinted leaflet, specifically where they were printed and the fact that the owner drove a foreign, red sports car.

Natsuki is 21 years old and her three sizes are 88-60-90 (35-24-35 in inches).

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