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Continuing the redesign of VIPER series games that began with VIPER-V6 R, Sogna quickly moved on to the next V series game, albeit the least acclaimed and certainly the riskiest from which to expect a profit. VIPER-V8 R includes the VIPER-V8 originals Friday the 18th and Demon's Night, but with the reassignment of Alien War to VIPER-V6 R, a replacement was needed. As Sogna was in dire financial straits at this point they hastily created and included Komachikawa Detective Agency, an incomplete game that was perhaps initially on the slate for inclusion in the future VIPER-M6 game, as a new cover series. This was done to give VIPER-V8 R some measure of star power that the other V series games had but VIPER-V8 lacked. Komachikawa was not as well received as Sogna had hoped.

VIPER-V8 R would ultimately prove to be Sogna's final release. It was not up to the challenge of saving the company from bankruptcy.


Platform: Windows
Release Date: August 29, 2003
Media: DVD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101273032
Original Price: 5800円
  VIPER-V8 R : Package art

Package art


Demon's NightDemon's Night   Friday the 18thFriday the 18th   Komachikawa Detective AgencyKomachikawa Detective Agency        
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