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In the near future, mankind's greatest hero, Bravan, defends the weak and keeps the peace with his suit of indestructible power armor. Meanwhile, mankind's greatest enemy, a diabolical anarchist group named Donarghe seeks chaos and world domination. The struggle of good vs. evil has taken its toll on Donarghe, who has yet to defeat Bravan and his fellow Future Investigators despite their genetically enhanced super-soldiers. The ruthless Colonel Gel, a sinister doppelganger, has come up with a new plan to defeat Bravan: capture his female partner Anri, assume her shape, lure Bravan away from the other Future Investigators and then kill him when he is unable to call upon the strengths of his power suit. Will Bravan prevail again or will his Achilles' heel be the overly protective manner he possesses toward the women around him?



VIPER-V12VIPER-V12   VIPER-F50VIPER-F50            


Future Investigators

BravanBravan   AnriAnri   ShineShine   KurumiKurumi    


GelGel   Mari OgasawaraMari   Kuwagata-donarKuwagata-donar   Koumori-donarKoumori-donar   Dokubachi-donarDokubachi-donar
Ika-donarIka-donar   Kamakiri-donarKamakiri-donar   Mimizu-donarMimizu-donar   Iwagame-donarIwagame-donar   Skeleton BossSkeleton Boss


Shine's BoyfriendShine's Boyfriend   Younger School BoyYounger School Boy   Older School BoyOlder School Boy        
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