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Typing VIPER

A simple typing tutorial featuring cameos by a number of Sogna characters, arranged into progressively more difficult stages of typing tasks. The game features three levels of difficulty, corresponding to the traditional Japanese trio of plum, bamboo, and pine trees. The stages are presented as dreams by the protagonist.

In the first stage, after a brief warm up, you must help Bravan and Anri defend their base from a Donarghe attack. Success nets you an introduction to one of the base assistants, Kurumi.

As Karin in Stage 2, Makoto instructs you to tally up all the customer charges for the day. A mistake results in Karin having to loose a piece of clothing. You're forced to continue until all the bills are tallied up or she's completely disrobed.

In the third stage, you dream that you're Captain and you must help Asuka with her spelling of a number of short English words. She promises to make it up to you if you help her though.

Stage 4 has you now dream as you are Taneo from the Green Boy series. Natane attempts to teach you how to type Japanese kana but offers the reward of your choosing if you type every word correctly without error.

In the fifth stage, you become Ratty, who is going shopping with Carrera when their path is suddenly blocked by Ruri. Wishing to prove herself as more "adult" than Ratty, Ruri challenges her to spell a very long word but neglects to give the time to do it successfully. Outwitting you, she demands you use some devil magic to lure a young boy into the alley so she can have some fun.

The sixth stage introduces the RSR characters, Elan and Cala. As Elan, you must first do battle with three monsters before you can challenge Cala. Quickly typing the names of fire-based spells and sword techniques is you're only chance of stripping Cala of her power and her clothes.

In the seventh and final stage, you are confronted by the Queen of the Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi series. She requests that you cure one of the VIPER characters who has been brainwashed - Mika. Like the previous stage, you must quickly type powerful battle commands to defend against the attacks of Mika's power suit.

Game package included a B4 sized poster of the cover artwork whose reverse side listed the game instructions, a flyer indicating the earlier VIPER game demos available on the game disc, registration card, and VIPER merchandise order form.


Platform: Windows
Release Date: June 22, 2001
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213410
Original Price: 4800円
  Typing VIPER : Package art

Package art


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