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It is a dark age in the kingdom of Alitalia. Monsters ransack cities, slaughtering the men and taking the women as their slaves. Four adventurers set out to end the rampages, only to see those they love killed or captured in the process. Will Alitalia be torn asunder by the beasts, or can order be restored by royal decree?






ElanElan   CalaCala   AlfaAlfa   JotaJota    


JuliettaJulietta   King of AlitaliaKing of Alitalia   PrincePrince        


MiraldaMiralda   PriestPriest   Man AMan A   Man BMan B   Man CMan C
Man DMan D   Man EMan E   Man FMan F   Man GMan G    

Captive Girls

Girl AGirl A   Girl BGirl B   Girl CGirl C   Girl DGirl D   Girl EGirl E
Girl FGirl F   Girl GGirl G            

Monster Leadership

DiabloDiablo   VeloceVeloce   MaranelloMaranello        

Monster Bosses

AkaharaAkahara   Fire MuttFire Mutt   Tokage-ronTokage-ron   Alpha U-deAlpha U-de   Beta U-deBeta U-de
Corrupted MushroomCorrupted Mushroom   Squid DevilSquid Devil   Tremor CatfishTremor Catfish   Crystal MonsterCrystal Monster   Thunder BotThunder Bot
Skull BirdSkull Bird                

Giant Frogs

Field FrogField Frog   Poison FrogPoison Frog   Hickey FrogHickey Frog        

Giant Rats

Field RatField Rat   Vampire RatVampire Rat   Ditch RatDitch Rat        

Spider Mice

Long-legged MouseLong-legged Mouse   Pollution MousePollution Mouse   Pseudo-MousePseudo-Mouse        

Giant Caterpillars

Rotten CaterpillarRotten Caterpillar   Poison Gas CaterpillarPoison Gas Caterpillar   Heat CaterpillarHeat Caterpillar        


GolemGolem   Fire GolemFire Golem   Yellow GolemYellow Golem   Dark GolemDark Golem    

Giant Earthworms

Meat EarthwormMeat Earthworm   Black EarthwormBlack Earthworm            

Spike Turtles

Land TurtleLand Turtle   Freeze TurtleFreeze Turtle   Flame TurtleFlame Turtle        


Zombie HoundZombie Hound                

Minor Monsters

Spotted BeastSpotted Beast   Hippo MonsterHippo Monster   Ant MonsterAnt Monster   Goat MonsterGoat Monster    
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