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Police detective Lilia is appointed to head a missing persons investigation but it's going nowhere. So she recruits her former partner and now freelance investigator, Raika, who has no cases to work herself, to provide assistance. Together, they uncover a plot to replace normal citizens with mindless clones, but their discovery comes too late as first a dear friend is lost and then the two detectives become victims themselves in Sogna's darkest story.






Raika GraceRaika   Lilia MilcraveLilia   Seera MaclegSeera   Roid MisigunRoid   Fauzen MaclegFauzen
Mark JinusMark                


Saki CloudSaki   Seera's DoctorSeera's Doctor   GordyGordy   KeenKeen   RyuuRyuu

Missing Persons

Ivanov AlternateIvanov   Smith RichardsonSmith   Marx BarlandMarx        


PolicemanPoliceman   Female EmployeeFemale Employee   BusinessmanBusinessman   Shop ClerkShop Clerk   Shop ManagerShop Manager
StudentStudent   TeacherTeacher   PatientPatient   BartenderBartender    


Lilia's PsychologistLilia's Psychologist                
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