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VIPER Island Vol. 6

The final edition of Island mini-game collections.

The remake story in this volume is Reserve 2. Mio's school is overrun by the monsters that pursued her in Reserve. She must defeat them all but a strange new classmate seems out of the ordinary until Mio falls into a batch of garlic herbs, after which Koumori is exposed as a fraud.

The series constant, Illust Logic, contains more close-ups of various VIPER characters in this collection, some to very minute details such as a skull from the clasp on Carrera's cape.

Mika House Again expands on the version presented in VIPER Island Vol. 4 with more dialog and interaction with the items in the room. Mika is protective of her underwear drawer, embarrassed at where she hides her power suit, and stunned to find her bed mounts a particle beam weapon.

The three mini-games in the fourth installment of MiniMiniMiniMini MiniGame are nearly as complex as some of the earlier Island games. Nipple Play has the player stimulate the nipples of Akira, Asuka, the elder Mika, and Carrera. The Quiz game, is a simple question and answer game. Captain is asked questions by various VIPER girls so he can locate Asuka and Miki. If he answers them all correctly, the trio may win a trip to Hawaii. Skirt Game, which also features a number of VIPER females, is a game of speed where the player must quickly lift the skirts and pull down the panties of each character as they scroll by on the screen.

The same set of fan art and mail used since VIPER Island Vol. 3 is included, as well as the Sogna home page preview, however this version does have one additional gift: a set of desktop wallpaper featuring Akira.

Available in CD-ROM format that is playable in both Windows PCs and Macintosh computers.


Platform: Windows / Macintosh
Release Date: November 25, 1999
Media: CD-ROM
JAN Code: 4937101213281
Original Price: 3500円
  VIPER Island Vol. 6 : Package art

Package art


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