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Young Mio, on her way to her first date, is sucked into an alternate reality in which monsters of all sorts are on the lose. The only way to return to her own world: to defeat those monsters with three orbs of power. But once she's home, the monsters she escaped from are now shown a way to invade our universe! And some like it here so much, they don't want to go back.



ReserveReserve   Reserve 1/2Reserve 1/2   Reserve 2Reserve 2   VIPER Island Vol. 1VIPER Island Vol. 1   VIPER Island Vol. 2VIPER Island Vol. 2
VIPER Island Vol. 6VIPER Island Vol. 6                


Mio & Pals

MioMio   ShouShou   ElfElf        


KoumoriKoumori   LuciferLucifer   KrakenKraken   CyclopsCyclops   CerberusCerberus
GazerGazer   MandrakeMandrake   MushroomMushroom   SlimeSlime   ChimeraChimera
ManticoreManticore   IncubusIncubus   ScyllaScylla   Scylla's LobsterScylla's Lobster   Scylla's OctopusScylla's Octopus
HarpyHarpy   DoppelgangerDoppelganger   BansheeBanshee   IxchelIxchel   WyvernWyvern
Crawling KelpCrawling Kelp   Snake BallSnake Ball   King CrabKing Crab   ScorpionScorpion   SunfishSunfish

Human Victims

DrunkardDrunkard   NerdNerd   FanFan   Camera GuyCamera Guy   Good BoyGood Boy
Beach GirlBeach Girl   Trendy GirlTrendy Girl   Office LadyOffice Lady   College GirlCollege Girl   Wild GirlWild Girl
Schoolgirl ASchoolgirl A   Schoolgirl BSchoolgirl B   Schoolgirl CSchoolgirl C   Schoolgirl DSchoolgirl D   Schoolgirl ESchoolgirl E
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