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VIPER-V16: "Rise" Walkthrough

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Endings / Replay Select

"Rise" can end in any of eight possibilities. As each is unlocked, the story told to produce that ending becomes replayable from the Replay Select option on the main menu. This walkthrough assigns a letter to each ending to distinguish them.

Replay Select Screen


The following table displays how to unlock each of the endings available on the Replay Select screen.

Ending Unlock Method
A Attempt to escape the cell before examining the situation
B Lose to the Blue Subordinate
C Defeat Seed after both Saki and Karin have been recaptured (Left at first fork, right at second fork)
D Lose to Seed after defeating both Subordinates (Right at first fork, then either path)
E Lose to the Green Subordinate
F Lose to Seed after defeating only the Green Subordinate (Left at first fork, then either path)
G Defeat Seed after only Saki has been recaptured (Left at first fork, left at second fork)
H Defeat Seed with neither Saki nor Karin being recaptured (Right at first fork, then either path)


The following table displays the ending that will result from taking the specified actions.

Path Ending
The Cell First Fork Blue Subordinate Second Fork Green Subordinate Seed
Just Escape Anyway A
Left Left Win Win G
Lose F
Lose E
Right Win Win C
Lose F
Lose E
Right Win Left Win Win H
Lose D
Lose E
Right Win Win H
Lose D
Lose E
Lose B
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