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VIPER-V16: "Rise" Walkthrough

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Two or three times during the course of the Rise story, the exact number depending on the path chosen, Akira must fight one of the underground captors. Winning the battles allows the girls to continue their escape - losing earns them the ultimate defeat.

The player controls Akira's actions by choosing what kind of attack she'll make. Akira always attacks first, so if she's successful, the opponent does not get to counterattack. However, if her attack fails, the underground opponent will damage Akira. Akira has 70 HP, which allows her to take only three or four hits before falling. Fortunately, her HP is fully recovered between each battle.

Akira has two forms of attacks: normal and consecutive; each with three moves: kick, punch, and chop. The form of attack is selected first followed by the move. Kicks do the most damage, followed by punches, while chops are the weakest. Consecutive attacks do twice the damage of regular attacks but open up Akira to a potentially more damaging counterattack.

The following table displays the attack Akira can make and the damage done to the opponent if the attack succeeds. The order follows the choices presented in the game from left to right.

Form Normal Attack Consecutive Attack
Move Kick Punch Chop Consecutive Kick Consecutive Punch Consecutive Chop
Damage 20 HP 15 HP 10 HP 40 HP 30 HP 20 HP


The two subordinates are identical except for their HP: the blue one has 60 HP while the tougher green one has 80. Their left-handed punches do 15 HP of damage to Akira. About 50% of the time Akira misses a consecutive attack, they'll throw a right-handed punch, which does 20 HP of damage.

The wizard Seed has an impressive 120 HP. He has two wind magic attacks: Cyclone, which does 15 HP of damage; and Hurricane, which does 20 HP of damage. Unlike his subordinates, Seed is capable of performing the more destructive Hurricane regardless of which form of attack Akira missed.

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