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Sogna Information Vol. 6

The final installment of Sogna's regular series of periodicals. Being the last, Sogna chose to review some of their earliest games: Silver Battle God Guyna-rock, Reserve, Vision, Brocken, Reserve 1/2, and Vision 2. Previews of VIPER-CTR Novel Edition, VIPER-GTS Novel Edition, and VIPER Series Official Art Book III are included, as well as advertisements for new telecas and other merchandise, additional answers to user questions, new fan art, a preview of VIPER-F40 and early design sketches for VIPER-M1's My Mothers story. The final chapter of P-Warrior's story tells how he got started working for Sogna's predecessor M.I.N when Silver Battle God Guyna-rock and Reserve were under development.

A copy of Sogna Information Vol. 6 was included with the Windows release of VIPER-V16.

Sogna had intended to make Information periodicals available every three to four months, but rising costs combined with the upcoming introduction of a Sogna web page that would serve to replace much of the usefulness of the periodicals made continuing the series an unwarranted expense.


Release Date: October 1997
Size: A5
Pages: 28
  Sogna Information Vol. 6 : Cover


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