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Second of five paperback-sized books featuring fourteen more short doujinshi and three new full-color illustrations by the VIPER fan community.


Publisher: Compass
Release Date: March 1, 1997
ISBN: 4-906407-77-3
Original Price: 1000円
Size: A5
Pages: 184
  VIPER V-2 : Cover



1   Which of the 3 Team Members Tomorrow!?     (3人組の明日はどっちだ!?)Pages 7 - 22
Artist:Katsupiko Fuji   (ふじかつぴこ)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:The marukomes dream of making it with Asuka, only to see their hopes dashed by Captain.
2   ToToCaL Cyomi-min     (トトカルチョミミ〜ン)Pages 23 - 28
Artist:Dragonwolf Karma   (かるま龍狼)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Ruri transforms into the sultry Cyomi to escape a pedophile.
3   Dreamy Breast Contest     (夢心地、乳勝負)Pages 29 - 44
Artist:Aguda Wan'yan   (完顔阿骨打)
Series:Rise, The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Akira mistakes the summoning tome for a fortune telling book and accidently summons Carrera.
4   Future Investigator Bravan     (未来特捜ブレイバン)Pages 45 - 64
Artist:Hajime Taira   (たいらはじめ)
Series:Future Investigator Bravan
Synopsis:Senpai fails to save Bravan and Anri from the clutches of Donarghe, and becomes a slave herself - at least until her senpai shows up to save them all.
5   Will You Still Love MePages 65 - 70
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:After a lovers' quarrel, Captain can only think about Asuka and whether she'll forgive him.
6   VIPER-GTS-Pages 71 - 86
Artist:Yoshifumi Yamamoto   (山本よしふみ)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Ogawa shows Carrera his endless stamina.
7   Angel Dust PanicPages 87 - 102
Artist:Satoshi Akifuji   (あきふじさとし)
Series:Angel Dust
Synopsis:Tired of the same old thing, Kate and Yuria participate in an alien abduction that parallels the Alien War story.
8   Future Investigator Bravan     (未来特捜ブレイバン)Pages 103 - 122
Artist:Kou Kawarajima   (かわらじま晃)
Series:Future Investigator Bravan
Synopsis:After Anri breaks up with him, Bravan is seducted by Ika-donar posing as a young, attractive girl named Sumi Ikano - which translates to squid's ink.
9   VIPER -V16- Pages 123 - 138
Artist:Akira Ozaki   (尾崎 晶)
Synopsis:Akira, Karin, and Saki jockey for the right to marry a young, handsome Seed and become his queen.
10   The Devil Came     (悪魔が来たりて)Pages 139 - 146
Artist:Shuutarou Yamada   (山田秋太郎)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Mercedes shows up at a hospital to cure a boy of his ills.
11   This one's VIPER-GTS: Rushed Construction Version     (これもひとつの VIPER GTS: 突貫工事版)Pages 147 - 162
Artist:Ichirou Gesho   (げしょ一郎)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:The entire middle of VIPER-GTS is chopped out as the angels show up during Mercedes's taunt of the shackled Carrera, throwing the rest of the story out of whack.
12   Miki, Asuka, and a Bad Video     (美樹とあすかといけないビデオ)Pages 163 - 174
Artist:Jamming   (じゃみんぐ)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:Asuka walks in on Miki masterbating, joining her until Captain walks in on both of them, leading to a menage-a-trois.
13   VIPER-V16: Let's Go 3 Pets     (VIPER-V16- レッツゴー3匹)Pages 175 - 180
Artist:Suicide Assistant   (介錯)
Synopsis:Service time for Seed courtesy of the three Anne Mitter's waitresses.
14   RISE vs GTSPages 181 - 184
Artist:Masashi Ogawa   (小川雅史)
Series:Rise, The Devil Came...
Synopsis:The battle to settle once and for all which is the more prominent VIPER series comes to a draw as other VIPER characters interrupt the match to voice support for their own series.
Additional Illustrations
Cover:Sasayan   (ささやん)
Page 4:Raimu Aoki   (青樹零夢)
Page 5:Raimu Aoki   (青樹零夢)
Page 6:Shinobu Gojou   (ごじょう忍)
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