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Fourth of five paperback-sized books featuring thirteen new doujinshi and four additional color illustrations drawn by the VIPER fan community.


Publisher: Compass
Release Date: December 20, 1998
ISBN: 4-87763-020-1
Original Price: 1020円
Size: A5
Pages: 174
  VIPER V-4 : Cover



1   Tentacle Shock!!     (触手でショック!!)Pages 5 - 16
Artist:Raimu Kanzaki   (神崎らいむ)
Series:Green Boy
Synopsis:Namiki's bright idea to use undiluted fertilizer spray on Taneo cuases trouble for her and Natane.
2   Afternoon After     (アフタヌーン アフター)Pages 17 - 28
Artist:Tsukimaru Oda   (織田月丸)
Synopsis:Kazuyo plots revenge against Mutsumi.
3   The Good Child     (ザ・良い子)Pages 29 - 44
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Thinking police work may be a more worthwhile method of earning lots of money, Cyomi uses her powers to serve and protect. (Mostly to serve.)
4   PubertyPages 45 - 56
Series:Children's Play
Synopsis:Yuki finally makes love to Senpai for the first time.
5   Dangerous Demon Once Again     (またまた あぶない 悪魔)Pages 57 - 68
Artist:Ginseng Root   (人参・参)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Mercedes seduces Ogawa while Carrera is out soul hunting.
6   ToToCaL Cyomi in Vagina Ron     (トトカル☆チョミ われめでロン)Pages 69 - 80
Artist:Hikaru Aranaga   (あらなが輝)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Ruri transforms into Cyomi to win a pachinko game for a guy she likes. But after he's witnessed her older form in action, Ruri's normal form doesn't interest him any longer.
7   Boyfriend and Girlfriend's Second Chapter     (彼と彼女の第2章)Pages 81 - 92
Artist:Yasuyuki Tsurugi   (剣 康之)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:Asuka cares for Captain while he has the flu.
8   Big Escape Plan     (脱出大作戦)Pages 93 - 104
Artist:Nemuto Kokage   (こかげ眠人)
Synopsis:Akira and Saki plan to seduce Seed so he opens the cell door, but Karin misinterprets how far they were willing to go.
9   Angel's Temptation     (天使の誘惑)Pages 105 - 116
Artist:Tamaru Ara   (改多丸)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:It's just not the same for Carrera now that she's had sex with angels.
10   ToToCaL Cyomi's Vagina Pon     (トトカル チョミの ワレメで ポン)Pages 117 - 128
Artist:Akihisa Miyagishi   (宮岸あきひさ)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Mai loses a game of mahjong to Ruri and has to pay the consequences.
11   High Treason!! Killing Machine from Hell!?     (大逆転!! 必殺の地獄車!?)Pages 129 - 144
Artist:Charlie Nishinaka   (チャーリー西中)
Series:My Mothers
Synopsis:Gas Mask Man smuggles Mika out of captivity, but Ojiichan isn't forgiving her for being captured in the first place.
12   Special Training!? Future Investigator!!     (特訓!? 未来特捜!!)Pages 145 - 156
Artist:Haruya Kotomi   (琴美陽也)
Series:Future Investigator Bravan
Synopsis:Senpai finds out exactly what makes Anri such a special partner to Bravan.
13   Mika-chan's Graceful Day     (みかちゃんのゆ〜がな一日)Pages 157 - 172
Artist:Harumi Shimamoto   (島本晴海)
Series:My Mothers
Synopsis:After Mika saves her Boyfriend, he expects every date to be just as much fun.
Additional Illustrations
Cover:Kouhei Kanzaka   (神坂公平)
Page 1:Kou Kawarajima   (かわらじま晃)
Page 2:Kirikaze   (霧風)
Page 4:Maruto!   (まると!)
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