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Third of five paperback-sized books containing seventeen additional short doujinshi and four more colored illustrations by the VIPER fan community.


Publisher: Compass
Release Date: February 20, 1998
ISBN: 4-87763-001-5
Original Price: 1020円
Size: A5
Pages: 198
  VIPER V-3 : Cover



1   Regular : Irregular     (日常・非日常)Pages 5 - 20
Artist:Aguda Wan'yan   (完顔阿骨打)
Series:Future Investigator Bravan
Synopsis:After another defeat at the hands of Bravan, Gel spends a night on the town to relieve her stress.
2   Heaven and Hell     (天国と地獄と)Pages 21 - 28
Artist:Yuuji Serizawa   (芹沢ゆーじ)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:While Mercedes and an angel expound upon the sexual virtues of their realms, Carrera steals the show.
3   Work Story V16: Shadow Chapter     (バイトものがたり ぶいいちろく 〜陰の章〜)Pages 29 - 36
Artist:Shuuichi Honma   (本間秀一)
Synopsis:Saki has a cure for Karin's clumsiness.
4   Cyomi & Milfy in Fierce Struggle Underground Race Compilation     (チョミ&ミルフィ 激闘最地底人編)Pages 37 - 52
Artist:Tsugumi Mejiro   (目白次美)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi, Rise
Synopsis:The undergrounders abduct Cyomi and Milfy instead, and they prove to be more willing partners than the Anne Mitter's waitresses.
5   Cat-Demon     (ニャンとも悪魔)Pages 53 - 68
Artist:Nagare Mutsu   (陸奥 流)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Carrera is cursed by the angels and has her horns replaced by cat's ears, which Mercedes and Ratty find hilarious - and sexy.
6   VIPER V16Pages 69 - 76
Artist:Kadzuki Otokawa   (乙川霞月)
Synopsis:A retelling of the Rise story in which Akira acts more like a tourist than a captive.
7   Miki-san CTR     (ミキさん しーていーあーる)Pages 77 - 84
Artist:Shunmin Mk.III   (春眠 Mk.III)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:Miki has fun with a sleeping Captain and feels bad about it until she sees that it brought him and Asuka closer together.
8   VIPER Demons Often...     (VIPER 悪魔はたびたび...)Pages 85 - 100
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:A retelling of the early part of VIPER-GTS in which Mercedes waits with Carrera in the dungeon for Ogawa to show up and save them both.
9   Slave Dog ShowPages 101 - 108
Artist:Matou   (まとう)
Synopsis:The zombie forms of Saki and Karin have fun with a reluctant Akira.
10   Ratty-chan's Big Miscalculation     (ラティちゃんの大誤算)Pages 109 - 116
Artist:Satoshi Akifuji   (あきふじさとし)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Ratty changes her strategy to get Ogawa and earn the respect of Carrera.
11   Give Happiness     (幸せあげます)Pages 117 - 132
Artist:Hajime Taira   (たいらはじめ)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Domino betrays Milfy and allows her to be raped, but she finds she enjoyed the feeling too much to resist willingly doing it again.
12   Mercedes CLK-GTRPages 133 - 144
Artist:Gabri-L   (雅舞罹-L)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Mercedes concocts a love potion to steal Ogawa away from Carrera but the plan backfires when Ratty tastes a sample.
13   Work Kitten Trespass     (アルバイト子猫ちゃん乱入)Pages 145 - 158
Artist:Kirikaze   (霧風)
Synopsis:Aya is enamored with Karin, and joins the Anne Mitter's staff to get closer to her.
14   Goodbye Raika     (ライカでグッバイ)Pages 159 - 166
Artist:Rei Nakajima   (中島 零)
Series:F40, Rise
Synopsis:Raika is hired to rescue the Anne Mitter's waitresses, but they aren't as willing to leave the underground base as she expected.
15   A Slave's Careless Days     (どれいの呑気な日々)Pages 167 - 174
Artist:Yoshikage Nakami   (中海美影)
Synopsis:Akira finds she no longer has the will to resist her enslavement.
16   Tenacious Milfy     (がんばれミルフィ)Pages 175 - 188
Artist:Moris   (モリス)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Mai blames Cyomi for her rape, and is then duped into playing a Pachiko game against the same three men - with the expected outcome.
17   Cute Girl     (かわいい女)Pages 189 - 196
Artist:Shuutarou Yamada   (山田秋太郎)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:Miki discovers her new boyfriend Takesi has a thing for Asuka and is determined to set him straight.
Additional Illustrations
Cover:Awaji Sugawara   (すがわらあわじ)
Jacket:Shoutarou Harada   (原田将太郎)
Page 1:Sasayan   (ささやん)
Page 2:Shoutarou Harada   (原田将太郎)
Page 3:Gari Suehiro   (末広雅里)
Page 4:BLADE
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