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First of five paperback-sized books featuring ten short doujinshi and eight color illustrations by the VIPER fan community. This particular V series book also features a VIPER software guide at the beginning of the book.


Publisher: Compass
Release Date: April 10, 1996
ISBN: 4-906407-62-5
Original Price: 1000円
Size: A5
Pages: 176
  VIPER V-1 : Cover



1   VPages 13 - 32
Artist:Naotsugu Nadorino   (ナドリーノ直次)
Synopsis:Karin becomes a dominatrix and rules an S&M Anne Mitter's.
2   Ratty GoGoGo!!     (ラティ GoGoGo!!)Pages 33 - 52
Artist:Hajime Karou   (鹿狼一)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Ratty, unable to steal Ogawa away from Carrera, seaks out the angels for gratification.
3   Pet CemeteryPages 53 - 68
Artist:Mashumaro Juubaori   (十羽織ましゅまろ)
Synopsis:As Akira is raped by his underlings, Seed instructs Karin and Saki to service him.
4   Ratty's Sperm Memorial     (ラティのすぺるまメモリアル)Pages 69 - 88
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Ratty, after viewing a particularly hardcore video, asks Carrera for some personal time with Ogawa. Carrera concedes and goes out hunting for other young men in order to to steal their souls, later running into Mercedes. The two elder demons return in time to complete a three-on-one orgy.
5   Bravan's Close Call     (ブライバン危機一髪)Pages 89 - 92
Artist:Kagatora   (影虎)
Series:Future Investigator Bravan
Synopsis:A secretly voyeuristic Bravan puts aside his duty to rescue a girl from Donarghe's clutches so he can watch - at least until he's scolded by his partner, Anri.
6   Ruri-chan's Love of Curiousity     (留理ちゃんの恋の好奇心)Pages 101 - 108
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi
Synopsis:Ruri is caught cheating by her boyfriend Yuu, but because she won she still gets anything she wants.
7   Terrible SummonerPages 109 - 128
Artist:Chikara Nishidzuki   (西月力)
Series:The Devil Came...
Synopsis:Carrera is summoned by an apprentice angelic knight named Manami, who is unprepared for a sexual duel with a demon.
8   Fight! ToToCaL Cyomi     (たたかえ! トトカル☆チョミ)Pages 129 - 144
Artist:Hitoshi Mizuki   (みずきひとし)
Series:Magical Gambler ToToCaL Cyomi, Northern Lights
Synopsis:Cyomi and Milfy find their powers can be used to control other people - and compete against each other in a game of "Captain versus Asuka"
9   It's Easy If You TryPages 145 - 162
Artist:Hiromori Umeo   (梅尾宇守)
Synopsis:Nami frets over whether Toshiyuki likes her after seeing him accidently hug Haruka. Takako intervenes to bring the two lovers together.
10   Asuka: Currently in Training!!     (あすか 只今修業中!!)Pages 163 - 178
Artist:Yuna Kagesaki   (影崎夕那)
Series:Northern Lights
Synopsis:Asuka must pay off another's debt to the government and lets her shinai do the work, catching the eye of young Akira.
Additional Illustrations
Cover:Awaji Sugawara   (すがわらあわじ)
Page 93:Ryou Ranmiya   (蘭宮涼)
Page 94:NeWMeN
Page 95:MDM
Page 96:Ryuuen Rouga   (龍炎狼牙)
Page 97:Yukinori Umetsu & Kie Akiyama   (うめつゆきのり & 秋山季映)
Page 98:Kana Shibari   (縛霞奈)
Page 99:Edage Katsura   (桂枝毛)
Page 100:Sasayan   (ささやん)
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