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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Victory for Irear

Scene E is unlocked. Irear is showing Karin the torture chamber. Irear tells how she tortured Akira and how loudly she cried out for help. Karin asks what happened. Irear asks Karin to think about what a piranha would do inside of someone, grabbing Karin's crotch for emphasis. She asks Karin if she'd like a piranha to taste her too and Karin tearfully shakes her head no. Irear tells Karin to do whatever she asks and nothing similar will happen to her. Karin nods in fear.

Scene F is unlocked. The attendants are torturing Seed again, but this time Saki has to watch, with a vibrator inside of her. When Irear begins to torture Saki by putting her fingers in her, Seed gets angry and tells Irear to let her go. Irear releases Saki and she falls to the ground. Irear says she has something better in mind and calls for Karin. Irear tells the timid Karin to get ready; Karin bashfully removes her skirt to show off a strap-on dildo. Irear directs Karin to do Saki. Karin tearfully apologizes, but Saki, knowing Karin isn't strong enough to fight back, tries to comfort her younger friend. Irear tells Karin to stop wasting time. Karin starts doing Saki. Irear mounts Seed and forces him to watch Karin and Saki. Irear states that he must not be enjoying himself enough. She calls for the attendants, who are also wearing strap-ons. One takes Karin from behind while the other makes Saki suck. Before long Seed finally loses control and impregnates Irear. Seed, Saki, and Karin are all sorrowful.

Tarma's Space Ship - Map 6

Map 6

Akira awakes in a strange room, her skirt still missing. But because she's been left unguarded, she thinks she can escape. She rushes out of the room, only to find she's not in the aquatic people's base anymore. Lead Akira from location 15 to 16.

At location 16, Akira must fight one of Tarma's four genetically-enhanced female aliens. The alien Akira fights is chosen at random. Unlike other pre-positioned battles, Akira is able to run away from this one. The four alien females will continue to appear throughout Tarma's space ship, every 15, 20, or 25 steps.

If Akira loses to any of the female aliens, Scene I will be unlocked. Akira will awake on a medical rack. Hrmoni informs her Tarma has instructed him to remodel her. Akira doesn't understand what he means by "remodel". He explains it as DNA restructuring, specifically to make her obedient. Akira resists but there's little she can do. She's reengineered with cow DNA to be passive and services Tarma. Game Over.

Lead Akira from location 16 to 17. She'll look into the room and see several tanks of genetically-enhanced female aliens. Tarma interrupts from the door. Akira wants to know where she is, he explains she's on his ship, specifically, his space ship. Tarma explains its time for her remodeling. Akira is puzzled by what he means by remodeling. He explains that she needs to be made obedient. Akira's angry but he asks whether she plans to accept her fate or try hopelessly to escape.

If Akira chooses option 1, to be obedient, Scene P will be unlocked. Tarma says she'll make a fine pet and a wonderful new toy. She's altered to become his sex slave. After Tarma's finished with her, she realizes escape is impossible now. Game Over.

If Akira chooses option 2, to escape, she must fight Tarma. If she loses, Akira will be forced to undergo Hrmoni's genetic remodeling and Scene I will play to a Game Over scenario. If Akira wins, Tarma states that her strength has passed his test. Akira doesn't care what he's talking about - she's getting out of there. Tarma dares her to try.

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