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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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The End

Tarma can't believe he lost, but says he'll abide by his promise and let them go free. Akira says that's not what he agreed to because he has to stop his abductions and mutations as well. She and Makoto beat him up while Karin, Saki, and Seed watch in stunned amazement.

Narsha and Hrmoni comfort Tarma after Akira and Makoto are through with him. They explain to Akira and Makoto he only did what he did because he was a weak child and this was how he felt strong. Akira realizes that must be why he collects strong women. Makoto says he has to make his body strong to feel strong. Makoto tells him she'll train him if that's what he wants. After getting him to say yes in not such a weak manner, she gives him a lecture about how she'll train him and he won't feel so weak or be a bad person anymore. Akira and Karin are speechless. Akira respects her enthusiasm though. Then she turns to Karin and says it's time to go home.

Saki and Seed present the grown-up Kiese to their people. He realizes it must be odd for his people to see their future heir suddenly grown up but understanding his kingdom's race to be entirely male and after discussing it with his father, he has decided to help someone with a similar problem, as her mother did for Seed several years ago. He'd like to teach his stepson, as his mother taught him, if this person would permit it. A proud Seed remarks that Kiese definitely shares the blood of his parents, and asks if Irear will accept his son's proposal to be his bride. She responds that it would be her pleasure.

Saki says he can't get married yet - he's just a child. He says he's big now and big people get married, and of course, there are no other women amongst the underground race. Seed agrees he's not a little boy anymore and that this is a nice way to mend fences with the aquatic race. Irear agrees and Kiese joins her. Saki hugs her husband, both happy and sad at the same time.

Akira remarks that it's unfair that everyone's found someone to love but her. Karin tells her that's not entirely true. Akira thinks for a moment then kisses Karin. The credits begin to roll. When the two blushing girls separate, Karin meekly says it was only a joke. Akira feels dumb.

As the credits continue to roll, the game checks the status of all the key characters. Makoto is training Tarma in her new dojo. Narsha cheers for him. He's happy when Makoto gives him a loving headlock. The underground kingdom's citizens get to know the aquatic fighting girls. Irear as a wife, wearing only an apron, Kiese enjoying her seafood dinners. Akira and Karin greeting customers at Anne Mitter's. The End.

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