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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Akira in Peril

Scene C is unlocked. Akira wakes in a strange room. Irear and the attendants are there. Akira finds that she's been strapped to a table and her skirt has been removed. Irear points out that her companions left her behind and asks how Akira feels about it. Akira responds in an insult. Irear is not amused and starts to finger Akira. Akira grimaces in pain. Irear says she'll punish her forever, but Akira claims she can handle anything Irear can muster. Irear removes her fingers and remarks on Akira's wetness. Irear asks Akira if she's sure she can handle anything. Akira is unfazed. Irear calls for the attendant and she rolls in a piranha tank. Irear tells Akira she'll wish she had never said that. Irear gives an effective demonstration with a minnow. Akira is scared now. Irear tells her she's going to put one into Akira's vagina. Akira pleads with her not to do so. Irear reminds Akira she said she'd deal with any kind of torture. Akira continues to plead and squirm. As Irear prepares to insert one of the piranhas, Akira is blindfolded. As the piranha goes inside Akira she calls out for help. The piranha slithers deep into her and she screams out in pain.

Meanwhile, back at Anne Mitter's, Karin says they need to hurry back and help Akira. Seed says they can't do anything now. Saki is hesitant to agree. Seed goes on to explain they could never survive fighting them underwater, and after being tortured he's in no shape to fight. But Karin says if they don't at least try, something bad may happen to Akira. Saki concurs, but feels they can't do anything. Karin is speechless. The door opens and Karin greets them before she's caught off-guard by the appearance of the strangers: Tarma, Narsha, and Hrmoni, all obviously aliens, stand in the doorway. Tarma states that they've come for the red-headed girl.

Scene D is unlocked. Back at the aquatic base, Akira has been tortured by the piranha. Irear jokes that she thought Akira would have liked fish. She asks if Akira will take back what she said and be her slave to avoid that kind of pain again. Akira nods, resigned to defeat.

Above ground, Tarma says again they want to know where the girl with red hair is. Karin asks to make sure they mean Akira. Seed says she's not here. Tarma demands to know where they are hiding her. Seed explains they aren't hiding her - she's been kidnapped. Seed summarizes the events that happened earlier today. Tarma says he'll help them rescue her.

Underground, Akira is being moved to another room in the underwater base by Irear and one of the attendants.

Before leaving, Saki tells Kiese she has to go but to be a good boy while she's gone. He says he'll be alright. Narsha admires them and asks Kiese if he could think of her as his big sister. Narsha licks her lips. He says yes, but Saki wonders if Narsha has a hidden agenda.

Return to the Underground Kingdom - Map 3

Map 3

Seed leads the party now. Lead Seed from location 5 to 6. Again, the easiest path is to follow the left and top walls. The three aquatic race fighters will once again appear roughly every 15, 20, 25, or 30 steps. Tarma will fight for the party. The aquatic fighters don't damage him when he's hit. Seed points this out but Tarma says those women are much too weak.

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