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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Base Tunnel - Map 4

Map 4

Lead Seed from location 7 to 8. There are no enemies here.

Akira's Rescue? - Map 5

Map 5

Seed tells Tarma they are now in the aquatic people's base. Lead Seed from location 9 to 14. The three aquatic race fighters will appear again at somewhat regular intervals, but Tarma still can't be bested by them.

At location 14, the party will find Akira being led around by Irear and the attendant. Irear will remark that she had thought they had left. Tarma steps forward and demands she hand over the girl. Irear replies by saying she will, if he will trade Seed and his companions. Tarma agrees. The party is stunned. Tarma asks them what they were expecting; he was only helping them to get Akira. Thus, the whole party is captured now.

Makoto's Vengeance

Makoto, in search of a rematch, storms into Anne Mitter's only to discover the place is empty, except for a small boy sitting in a booth. She asks Kiese where everyone went. He explains his mom and her friends aren't here now. Makoto is angry she came all this way and they're not here. Narsha appears and tells Kiese that she's supposed to take him to his mother. Kiese, missing his mom innocently runs to Narsha. As they turn to leave, Makoto sees an unconscious Akira being carried around by Hrmoni. She screams for them to stop but they disappear before she can follow. Makoto knows something is not right.

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