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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Irear, having got what she came for apologizes for her methods. She explains that her base is able to move anywhere under the sea, including taking the three back to the surface. Seed asks if it's powered by electromagnetic propulsion. When Irear asks how he knows, he explains that several months ago his race monitored an object radiating intense electromagnetic waves that sank into the ocean. Further investigation revealed stress to the ecosystem, which would not be consistent with the effect Irear's base has. Because the phenomenon has not repeated, they conclude that object may still be somewhere in the Earth's oceans.

Narsha's Plan - Map 6

Kiese is sitting in a chair in one of Hrmoni's labs onboard Tarma's space ship. He asks where his mother is. Narsha tells him she's coming, but that she needs him to sit there for a minute first. He complies and Narsha turns on the machine, turning him into an adult. She strips.

Map 6

Lead Akira from location 17 to 19. At location 18, she'll pause and wonder which direction to go to get out.

At location 19, Scene G will be unlocked. Narsha has sex with the now adult Kiese.

(At this point, Akira can go to either location 20 or 21. The event at location 20 is required, but the event at location 21 is optional. If both events are to be done, they can be performed in either order. Because recent events in the story pertain to Narsha and Kiese, it's generally more appropriate to go to location 20 first.)

Lead Akira to location 20. She goes into the room and finds Narsha on top of a young man. Narsha is angry Akira has interrupted them. Akira must now fight Narsha.

If Akira loses to Narsha, Scene J is unlocked. Narsha has Hrmoni modify Akira to be a she-male and Akira wakes up to find Narsha sucking on her. She says Akira is her toy now and proceeds to have sex with her. Game Over.

If Akira defeats Narsha, the boy asks Akira if she's seen his mother. Akira asks if he is Kiese and he confirms it. Akira asks how he got so big and he tells her that big sister did it. Akira tells him he's not her toy. He asks again where his mother is, hoping Akira can lead him too her.

The Wrath of Makoto

Makoto is very angry. The party, including Irear and her attendants, has returned to Anne Mitter's but Akira isn't with them. Makoto gives them all a tongue lashing, especially Irear. Makoto figures the only way to challenge Akira now is to go rescue her. She asks where she's being held.

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