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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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The Aquatic Base - Map 5

Map 5

This is the first of two non-linear areas in which most of the game time will be spent. The three aquatic race fighters will appear roughly every 15, 20, 25, or 30 steps, again usually at 20.

If Akira loses to the aquatic race fighters, Scene L is unlocked. Saki and Karin will be taken captive and Akira is forced to service Seed or watch her friends drown. As the water rises in Saki and Karin's tank, Irear tells Akira she had better hurry. She does all she can to make Seed come until he can't hold back any longer. Irear says she'll be needing more of that and for Akira to get busy. Akira doesn't understand. Irear tells her to hurry up - the water is still rising. Akira will be forced to do Irear's bidding forever now to keep Saki and Karin safe. Game Over.

Akira notices this must be the aquatic race's base. Lead Akira from location 9 to 10.

At location 10, Akira must fight the fourth aquatic race fighter. Lose and Scene L will be played. Win and Kiese is rescued. Mother and son hug as they're reunited. Akira notices Seed is being held elsewhere.

Lead Akira from location 10 to 12. At location 11, the girls will stop for a moment while they discuss how the aquatic people must breathe.

At location 12, Akira must fight Irear's two attendants. Lose and Scene L will be played. Win and the girls open the door to find Irear on top of Seed. Irear is not at all pleased at their interruption. Akira must now fight Irear. After three rounds, Akira will notice the elaborate choker Irear wears moves as she breathes. Akira attacks and tears the choker off, revealing Irear's gills. Irear falls to the ground choking. Seed is rescued.

Lead Akira from location 12 to 9. At location 13, Saki will tell them to hurry to the exit. Karin can hear their pursuers approaching.

Upon returning to location 9, Akira notices the exit and tells everyone to hurry. Irear appears from behind and yells at them to wait: she can not let them escape. Akira tells everyone else to go. Seed hesitates but Akira tells him it's alright; she'll handle it. Irear says they'll fight on her terms this time. The base starts to flood and Akira tells them to hurry. The humans put in their mouthpieces. Irear removes her choker and sinks into the water. Akira must fight Irear and the attendants. Even if Akira manages to attack, the attendants will just dodge. After three rounds, Akira notices they're much too quick. The other four escape as Akira thinks how quick the aquatic race can move underwater. Suddenly Irear swoops in and steals Akira's mouthpiece. Unable to breathe, Akira drowns.

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