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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Akira Honjouji Akira Honjouji is the charismatic red-headed waitress and protagonist of the story. A true friend and master of several forms of martial arts, she doesn't hesitate to help rescue Saki's family.
Karin Petite, fair-haired waitress Karin may not be very brave, but she's willing to follow her best friend Akira anywhere. She embodies the spirit of the helpless sidekick.
Makoto Takanami A fiery wrestler hailing from Osaka, Makoto Takanami had never met an equal before fighting to a draw against Akira. Unable to live without knowing who the better martial artist is, she goes in search of Akira to challenge her to a rematch.
Saki Saki, a former co-worker of Akira and Karin's, has had her family kidnapped. With no one left to turn to, she pleads for Akira's assistance.
Seed Seed, king of the all male underground monarchy, kidnapped the waitresses a few years ago. The girls have since forgiven him and he is now Saki's faithful husband.
Kiese Kiese is Saki and Seed's three year old son. Though young, he is wise beyond his years.
The Underground Citizens The rocky soldiers of the underground kingdom devoutly follow the lead of their human king, Seed. They believed themselves to be unstoppable warriors before being humbled by Akira in "Rise". Since then, they have become more domesticated.
Irear Irear is queen of the all female aquatic race. She kidnaps Seed to ensure the survivability of her race.
Irear's Attendants Irear's loyal attendants serve the needs and do the bidding of their queen.
Aquatic Invaders The aquarian females are all accomplished fighters. They will block the path of anyone standing against their queen.
Tarma Tarma is a distrustful alien with an intense interest in the strongest women of each planet he visits.
Hrmoni An expert in the field of genetic reengineering, Hrmoni serves Tarma and performs modifications on the harem of female fighters they possess.
Narsha Narsha is a cunning and seductive alien with a voracious sexual appetite.
Genetically Enhanced Female Aliens Four of Tarma's genetically enhanced strong-arms will try to prevent Akira's escape from Tarma's space ship. Although strong, their modifications have resulted in extreme psychological side-effects.
The Captive Girl A human girl rescued by Akira before Hrmoni can alter her in some twisted fashion.
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