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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Akira's Escape

Map 6

To experience the normal ending, lead Akira to location 21. To experience an alternate ending, skip this event. This event can also be done after the event at location 22. Akira will go into the room and discover Hrmoni about to experiment on another girl. Akira can't allow him to continue. Akira must now fight Hrmoni.

If Akira loses to Hrmoni, he'll perform obedience remodeling on her with cow DNA, leading to the Scene I Game Over scenario.

If Akira defeats Hrmoni, the rescued girl tells her story. Akira realizes she's not the only one Tarma's after and that he must be stopped before other girls are taken hostage and mutated to he and Hrmoni's twisted designs.

Lead Akira to location 22. This event can be skipped to unlock Scene H. When she arrives at location 22, Akira will be hesitant to open this door and find someone else on the other side that's angry about her intrusion. She asks herself what to do. If Akira chooses option 1, to enter, she'll find the breathing apparatus. This room looks like the garbage disposal, but there on the ground lies her mouthpiece. If she's being held underwater like before, she knows she'll need this. If Akira chooses option 2, not to enter, she will not reacquire the breathing apparatus.

Lead Akira to location 23. This door is different from all the others so Akira thinks it must be the exit.

If Akira did not reacquire the breathing apparatus from location 22, Scene H will be unlocked. When Akira opens the door the ship is flooded and she drowns again. When she comes to Hrmoni performs remodeling. When she awakes a second time, Tarma informs her she's been fused with octopus DNA. He forces his hand into her womb to confirm the modification was successful. Game Over.

If Akira picked up the breathing apparatus from location 22, Tarma will appear behind her. He can't let her escape and challenges her again. Akira must fight Tarma again. After three rounds, the hatch will blow - Makoto, Karin, Seed, and Saki have arrived to rescue Akira! Tarma, seeing he's outnumbered, runs away. Akira starts to chase after him but Karin reminds her she's not wearing a skirt. Fortunately, Karin had brought a spare.

Kiese is reunited with his mother, Saki. She can hardly believe it's him. Akira fixes her skirt and thanks Makoto. Makoto tells her to forget about it. It's the right decision to have helped her escape. The three girls ask Akira what to do next.

If Akira did not defeat Hrmoni at location 21, the alternate ending will play. They all go back to Anne Mitter's where Makoto joins as a new, enthusiastic waitress. Akira wants to know why Makoto's working there now and Makoto replies that's the penalty Akira gets for losing. They bicker back and forth. Karin jokes that they have a good relationship and they both turn angrily towards her. Makoto tells them they have to do what she says now because nobody's better than her. Akira regrets quitting their match earlier and not putting Makoto in her place when she had the chance. The End.

If Akira defeated Hrmoni at location 21, the game continues. Akira tells the others what the captive girl in Hrmoni's lab told her. They must stop Tarma to prevent him from kidnapping other girls.

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