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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Title Screen

Series: Rise - Chapter 2 of 3 (See also VIPER-V16, VIPER-GT1)

Year: 2000

Availability: Windows

Format: CD (2)

Language: Japanese




VIPER-GTB: "Rise After" follows the story presented in VIPER-V16's "Rise", in which three busty waitresses from a restaurant named Anne Mitter's are abducted by the king of an underground kingdom and two of his subordinates for the purposes of producing offspring for the all-male race. Akira, the resolute red-head, concocts a scheme to escape. The slender, dark-haired Saki and timid, braided blonde Karin follow as Akira uses her years of martial arts training to fight their way out of captivity. Although Akira ultimately defeats Seed, Saki decides to stay behind anyway to help rebuild his kingdom.

"Rise After" takes place almost four years later...



VIPER-GTB consists of three types of play modes: an overhead cardinal direction movement adventure/RPG style, a unique first person battle mode, and the ubiquitous VIPER click-to-continue animation scenes. The game itself is quite long for a VIPER game, lasting approximately two to five hours, depending on the number of battles undertaken and number of paths and scenes unlocked. This walkthrough details how to complete the game in any of the eleven possible endings, unlock all sixteen reviewable scenes, and do so in as little as two hours. Because the game is only available in Japanese, a summary of the dialog throughout the story is included.

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