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VIPER-GTB Walkthrough

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Fighting Console

VIPER-GTB's fighting system consists of forming a combo of up to five moves within as many seconds. There are four possible moves from which to choose: punch, kick, run, and defend. Depending on several random factors, certain combinations will work at a given time and others will fail, resulting in a successful attack by the opponent. The success or failure of a certain combo is more or less random, although punches and kicks are statistically more effective than running or defending. There are however two combos that merit special attention.

Any combo made up of five run moves will lead Akira or Tarma to escape the battle. Escape is only possible against the three junior aquatic invaders and Tarma's four genetically-enhanced female aliens and the success rate is approximately 50%. Because there is no benefit to defeating these foes, running is a worthwhile method to keep the story moving.

When Akira fights, any combo beginning with Punch-Punch-Kick will not only hit every time but will also do twice as much damage to the opponent as usual. When fighting battles that can not be run from, this combo is recommended to make short work of the foe. Unfortunately, Tarma and Makoto are not able to take advantage of this powerful combination.

The following table lists the possible opponents that are encountered throughout the story.

Opponent Description
Aquatic Invader 1 These three female guards appear randomly throughout the Underground Kingdom and Aquatic Base. Akira or Tarma can run from them to save time.
Aquatic Invader 2
Aquatic Invader 3
Aquatic Invader 4 She guards Kiese in the Aquatic Base.
Irear's Attendants They block Akira's entry into Irear's room and attack together.
Irear She will attack Akira for interrupting her session with Seed. Her battle lasts only three rounds before Akira discovers a quicker way to end the fight.
Irear & Attendants They will catch up to Akira and party before they can escape. Akira will find that they can not be beaten in underwater combat.
Buffalo Woman These four genetically-enhanced female aliens appear randomly throughout Tarma's spaceship. Akira can run from them to save time.
Crab Woman
Snake Woman
Cat Girl
Tarma (1) He will challenge Akira when she refuses to be his obedient slave. For the time being, he only wishes to measure her strength.
Narsha She will attack Akira for interrupting her session with Kiese.
Hrmoni Optional. He will attack Akira for interrupting one of his genetic experiments. His captive may share some revealing information about Tarma's plans.
Tarma (2) He will prevent Akira from escaping his ship by forcing her into another fight. The battle lasts only three rounds before Makoto and company blow the hatch in a daring attempt to rescue Akira.
Tarma (3) Optional. Akira and Makoto must defeat Tarma to spoil his twisted plans.
Makoto Optional. If Akira loses to Tarma he will force Akira and Makoto to turn on each other. Would Akira really fight her newfound friend?
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